The Faculty of Psychology


The Department of General Psychology

The Department of Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy

The Department of Pedagogics

The Dean of the Faculty

Eugene V., Cherny,
Doctor of Psychology,
Professor of the Department of depth psychology and psychotherapy


Phone: +38 (0652) 63-88-73 


Address; Vernadskogo Prospect, 20




Ties and contacts


Areas of training

Psychologist with knowledge of a foreign language, a psychoanalyst.
Leading faculty members participate in scientific expertise, 4 specialized thesis defense, editing 7 Ukrainian and foreign scientific journals and collections of materials of international seminars and conferences.


There are 11 workshops at the faculty , promoting increased specialization of students in the selected field of research and practice:

  1. Master class in Clinical Psychology 
    (Supervisor: Zyabkina IV, PhD. Psychol. Sciences, Zhurzha TS, PhD. Psychol. Sciences.)
  2. Master-class on narrative psychology Discussion Club Faculty of Psychology. 
    (Head: E. Black, PhD. Psychol. Sciences, Duhnich OE, PhD. Psychol. Sciences, Malkin VM)
  3. Master class on New therapeutic and training work 
    (Supervisor: Dorozhkin VR, kand.psihol.nauk.)
  4. Master class on the psychophysiology 
    (Supervisor: VB Pavlenko, Dr. biol. Sciences.)
  5. Master class on psychology of recreation and tourism 
    (Supervisor: Evdokimov JA, kand.psihol.nauk.)
  6. Master-class on demand management psychologists and psychology of advertising 
    (Hands.: France AN).
  7. Master class on the psychology of mass communication and psychology of ethnic conflicts 
    (Supervisor: Brunow-Kalisetskaya IV, kand.psihol.nauk.)
  8. Master class on sexuality and object relations 
    (Supervisor: Kalina NF, Dr. psihol.nauk., Cherviakovsky LM).
  9. Master class on social - psychological, psychosemantic diagnosis and correction of organizational development 
    (Head: Franz M.)
  10. Master class in developmental psychology 
    (Head: D. Ivanov, PhD. Psychol. Sciences)
  11. Master class on analytical psychology of Jung. 
    (Leader: Vladimir Kolesnikov, PhD. Psychol. Sciences)

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